Mom-Brain Translation

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Here is a little language knowledge that comes in handy while caring for my boys:

YOU HEAR: Cole emerging from another room saying "sorry, Mommy."

TRANSLATION: Something has gone wrong in the other room. It is likely marker where marker shouldn't be, something dumped over, or something broken.

YOU HEAR: Slight ruckus and then Cole shout, "I'm okay!"

TRANSLATION: That ruckus was caused by activity that very likely is not allowed. The assurance of safety is simply to keep me away. I'm onto this now.

YOU HEAR: Will use the word "until" as in "I already went to the bathroom until I got my shoes on."

TRANSLATION: "before" Thankfully, this does not mean that he was actually relieving himself up until the very point of getting shoes on.

Okay. You're up to speed. You are all welcome to babysit!


heresthediehl said...

oh, i love the age when they still rat themselves out. it goes away too soon. those are so cute!

Renay said...

Oh my gosh - this cracks me up! I've been working for a while (in my head) on a post purely dedicated to the funny things Brady says. I may have to copy this format. All I know is that it's never good when one of the kids tells you "sorry" before you know what they did...

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