Case in point

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
As we enter the second half of Cole's second year, he is proving to be a bit more opinionated and sure of himself.  Most of the time this is quite cute.  As you can imagine, sometimes it can be frustrating. 

Case in point:  We are finding that Cole can skip a nap here and there without any real ramifications.  Two days in a row would probably be a recipe for disaster, though.  So, today (probably because of the foot-long to-do list I had for when he slept) he figured he didn't really need a nap.  After keeping him in his room for almost an hour and shushing him a few times, I went in and said, "You're not taking a nap, huh?  Why not?"  To which Cole replied, "Um.  Pecause it not be bery fun."


The Copper Pot said...

Hahahaha. What a cutie.

heresthediehl said...


he and jack henry are peas in a pod. he really doesn't like anything that isn't bery fun either.

Alli said...

Wait to you get older, Cole! Then sleeping will be the bery funnest thing you ever do!!

Renay said...

I was going to say what Alli said! I love me some naps (for me AND for the boys!)

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