Am I right?

Monday, October 18, 2010
So, it's time to revisit Halloween costumes. We've got Paige and Cole nailed down. Paige is going to be a skeleton bride (complete with spooky black rose) and Cole is going to be a McQueen pit crew member. Awesome.
Though it appears as if Will is wanting to be the easiest costume ever, I've made it difficult on myself by wanting the ghost costume to be 2 pieces so he can have a free head easily, etc.  However, as evidenced by this picture of Cole modeling our latest idea, you really can't get away from looking like a criminal.
Seriously, how can a simple ski mask transform a cute 2 year-old into a robber instantaneously?  Am I right?

So, we're back to a simple sheet-over-the-head look, though I'm looking for a fleece fabric that can be cut simply and look more substantial (as recommended by my mother and sister-in-law - shoulda gone that route from the beginning)!  I'll keep you posted!


Jamie said...

YES YOU ARE RIGHT! Ewe - take it off!! Def. need to go back to the old sheet idea :)

suzanne said...

he's a cute little criminal if that helps any:)

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