Wednesday, September 1, 2010
I am in need of an update focused on Cole.  He's becoming such the pint-sized stud.  I found myself reveling in what he has become as we enjoyed lots of quality time together today.  He is:
  • talking like crazy
  • going potty on the potty once a day or so 
  • showing signs of a killer sense of humor
  • in an almost tantrum-free phase (as in today while getting his haircut - a usually traumatic event - when he stated, "Mom - no me cry")
  • having success experimenting with foods that contain milk products in them!
  • following in his brother's oh-so-affectionate footsteps - hugs and kisses abound!


Alli said...

Go Cole! Great job with the potty training and I'm so glad the milk experimenting is going well. Yayyy!

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