A Note on Intuition

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
To me, intuition is the voice of righteousness that we often ignore due to reasoning or over thinking.  I've had an intense lesson in this the past couple weeks that has made me keenly aware of just how much we need to allow these instincts, this intuition to be heard. 

To start at the end, we are no longer considering the home we had signed on for.  The truth is that I had major reservations in the beginning that I reasoned through, and confused my mental and physical manifestations of anxiety for overall stress involved in making a move instead of doubts about making this particular move. 

Starting to realize this, I did everything I could think of to sift through my thoughts about this property including: asking friends' opinions, driving through the subdivision 500 times, walking through the neighborhood, talking to parents/siblings, calling the school / bus barn, praying, visualizing, and actually knocking on future neighbors' doors for input.  Just about too late in the game, I realized that I was simply not comfortable with this decision and we started the process to terminate the deal.

While there is some let down...Rich was more in love with the property than myself and Paige was really pumped about her own bathroom and window seat in her room, there is no doubt that it was necessary for me to rock the boat in this way.  There is also no doubt I have learned from this experience, but what I hope is that I can use this to teach my kids about following their instincts and listening to their inner voices.  From everything to peer pressure situations to choosing the right college - that inner voice is there, but we control the volume.


Alli said...

Love the last line here. So true. And I also love that you drove through the subdivision 500times and knocked on peoples doors. My mom is right. You and I are WAY too similar!

suzane said...

when you find the right house, you'll know it.

Aunt Debbie said...

Listening to your inner voice...sounds like sage advice:P

Bethie said...

Good for you Karen! Too many people ignore that inner voice and find out when it's too late!! You did the right thing. You'll find the exact house for you when the time is right.

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