Allergy Update

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Well, today we had a year follow-up appointment for Cole with his allergist.  This time it was to take blood samples and have them tested.  This tells the doctor a little more about just HOW allergic Cole is to milk, egg, and peanuts - all which he tested positive too with the skin scratch test over a year ago. 

We don't have any answers yet, but the process was a hoot.  I had a little bit of anxiety about it.  A shot is one thing, but having a needle in your vein for 30 seconds while vials are filled with blood is another.  We sat in a double-wide seat with Cole on my lap and Will beside us.  Cole did awesome.  While he DID cry, it was controlled and stopped as soon as she removed the needle.  Will, however, was writhing next to me and doing all he could to shield himself from the sight of Cole's blood and the hideous needle.  It's not so much that Will is a wimp; he has always been brave for shots.  It is more that he HATES to see Cole cry or in pain.

Upon leaving, the nurses said to Cole, "Boy, aren't you brave!"  Cole replied, " 'kay.  Bye."


Jamie said...

I am so impressed with Cole. I love his response and think there was a lot more to his "kay" - like "yea, lady, thanks but you're not may favorite person right now so we're getting out of here!"

Bethie said...

Alright Cole!! That's a lot for a little kid to endure!

Keep us posted on the results.

suzanne said...

poor guy. when do you guys find out the results?

Renay said...

That Will is a good big brother!

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