Weekend Ratings

Monday, May 17, 2010
As predicted, it was one of the more crazy weekends I've had as of late.  Here are the highlights with a ranking of how great it was on a scale of 5 stars:

1. Garage Sale ****
It was a baby gear clearing house in my garage and driveway from Thursday through Saturday.  When it was done, my sister and I had made a few bucks and had greatly increased the space in our basements.  Overall, a great success.  It missed a 5-star rating due to the fatigue that set in through the project.
2. Girls Night Out ****
Awesome night with friends with a visit from one that now lives on the East Coast.  Rare to do it on a Friday night, and that was fun!  Had to go home a bit early, though, due to aformentioned garage sale.
3.  Farm Day *****
Great weather, tractors, animals, food and fun for the kids!  Always 5 stars!  Pictures at end of post.
4.  Will's Spring Sing ****
Um.  It was cute as all get out, but Will contracted a severe case of the giggles while singing and had a hard time composing himself.  We agree that this is better than tears or tantrums, but a little embarrassing nonetheless!
5.  Birthday celebration *****
Since gathering for farm day, decided to celebrate a couple May birthdays (Mom & Rich) with a cookout afterwards.  Great food and fun! 
6.  Cole's test results -**
That's a negative 2 stars because, to use the nurse's words, he is still severely allergic to milk, nuts of all types excluding pine nuts, and egg.  We were hoping for low numbers as a sign that his body might not be as picky anymore, but no such luck.  At least we're used to his restrictions and don't have to restrict MORE, though.



suzanne said...

you did have a crazy weekend. i can't wait until we decide if we're done w/ having kids or not so i can start getting rid of all the baby stuff upstairs.

Bethie said...

Awesome pictures!! I love the one of Will with his "cool stance" next to the red rocker!!

I am sorry to hear about Cole though. Even though you are used to it, it would have been nice to have those numbers lower.

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