Tuesday, May 11, 2010
I've posted before about the little "signs" around the house that a kid has been there that give me fun little chuckles.  Well, here are a couple:
Necessary contents of digger ride-on: Dog bones (2), tennis ball (1), coasters (2), cars (4), toy gas pump (1)
This is a funny scene.  Obviously, a pint-sized warrier (who sleeps with a silky blanket) needed to take a potty break and went back to battle without his sword.  Makes perfect sense.

And I have to take a moment to say happy 9th birthday to our Bailey!  She was treated to a savory bone and a wet dog food dinner.  YUM!  Because of her recent surgery and subsequent gloomy prognosis, we are definitely excited to be able to celebrate this day!


suzanne said...

did you take those pictures at my house b/c we have lost swords laying all over the place.

Jamie said...

These posts are my favorite kind!! Love the pics. And a giant happy birthday to bailey - what a gorgeous picture

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