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Thursday, April 1, 2010
We are currently taking applications for an acute care specialist in our household. If the past 2 weeks are at all a glimpse into what summer will bring, this will likely be a full time position.

Bandaids, neosporin and ice packs will be provided. Must have ability to understand where it hurts through the screams. Must be able to make it better without actually touching it. Experience with road rash a plus. Inquire within.

2 week tally:
5-inch scrape to abdomen (Will)
black eye with laceration (Will)
goose egg with puncture (Will)
Elbow / forearm abrasion (Cole)


heresthediehl said...

haha! yes, that whole make it better w/o touching it (ESPECIALLY not actually cleaning it) is the key to being good at that job.

best of luck in your search. :)

suzanne said...

owww...especially poor will.

Jamie said...

Kar - you crack me up!! Let's hope they are just a little rusty at navigating the rough terrain of the outdoors and their injuries will become less and less!!

Alli said...

Good thing Rich is a Dr!! Someone will likely be needing surgery over there.

Renay said...

don't cha just hate the boo-boos that a kiss won't fix?! I'm wondering how long until that "magic bullet" stops working around here!

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