When Kids Take Notes

Monday, April 5, 2010
One of the best things you can learn about parenting is that kids are taking notes when you don't necessarily excpect it. Not only should you make sure your actions reflect what you would like your kids to act like, but you should also surround them with other people who behave as you'd wish them to. At least I feel strongly about this.

There have been many examples of my kids recalling details about events / people that I maybe didn't even know that they noticed. Or like today, I had a good friend who now lives out of state come for a visit. She used to live nearby and visited somewhat frequently. On 2 different occasions she brought over the fixings to make Christmas cookies with myself and the kids (being that she does not have kids and it's just more fun with kids - and messy). Today when I told Will she was visiting he said, "You mean the girl who makes the really good cookies? And we made ones that were angel shaped with sparkley sprinkles?"

My point is that despite the many visits and other events she joined us for, for some reason THIS one is how Will remembers her. It just made me realize that you just never know when your child is taking his/her notes. What notes will be written under your name?


Jamie said...

I'm afraid to ask; what does Will say when you tell him I'm visiting??

Bethie said...

I know, me too Jamie!! Hopefully he says, "Yay, Aunt Bethie's coming. I like her WAY better than Auntie Bon!"


Lavonne said...

A-C-T-U-A-L-L-Y...he says "Bethie who??" You cracked me up, Sister!!

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