Why we don't have school in the summer

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Because when it's still light and warm out outside at 7 o'clock, I still want to be outside playing! Because our kids are in bed reading by 7:30, it's hard to stay on schedule with this weather! But succumbing to it would no doubt lead to lack-of-sleep behavior - so we stick to the plan. Parenting is, like, hard.


heresthediehl said...

Parenting, like, sucks sometimes.

I hear ya...it's so hard to make them come in and get ready for bed when it's still light out!

suzanne said...


Jamie said...

Too funny - I bet that's hard. We got home from walking the dogs arouond 7:15 last night and it sure didn't feel that late!! Way to stick to your guns!!

Laurie said...

It's, like, TOTALLY hard. And it definitely doesn't get easier as they get older! :-]

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