Me = Exhausted

Thursday, April 15, 2010
After debating and researching and weighing pros and cons, we decided to go ahead with surgery for our almost 9 year-old lab, Bailey, yesterday.  She had her spleen removed as there appeared to be a mass on it that was the likely cause of very lethargic and odd behavior from her last week.  We may have removed a ticking time-bomb, but we truly will never know.  So, she's home now recovering and this is why I am exhausted:

The decision-making process, the schedule juggling, the explaining it to the kids, the bracing the kids for possibilities, the sleeping on the floor downstairs next to her through a night of whimpers and whines, the attempts to get medicine down her, the simultaneous horrific Cole diarrhea, the subsequent doctor appointment for Cole, the sudden onset of seasonal allergies for Will, the perpetual onslaught of never-ending laundry in this house...but now here comes the weekend and more healing for our'm good.


suzanne said...

i'm glad the surgery went well. i think you may need a vacation after all that.

Martha said...

I'm exhausted after reading it! It's the mental exhaustion that takes a toll. Hopefully things are on the upswing!

Bethie said...

I'm glad Bailey is back home and recovering. She has the best family to nurture her back to health! I hope Cole is okay?

Renay said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Bailey. Hoepfully she's feeling better now. I hope YOU'RE feeling better too!! You're a good kids AND dogs!

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