The Shuttle Run

Monday, April 12, 2010
Do you remember doing it in P.E. as a kid?  I used to love the shuttle run and today Paige mentioned it quickly and I stopped her..."What?  You did the shuttle run?  Do you like it? "  Paige: "I totally love it!"  That, of course, led to setting up our own little shuttle run challenge (using socks) that we must have ran 20 times in a row. 

I'm not quite sure yet what Paige will be into when she gets a little older - music, dance, sports, drama (oh I'm sure there will be SOME sort of drama) - but I will say one thing...the girl is FAST!


Lavonne said...

Oh, Karen...I don't know what the shuttle run is. I don't think we had it "back then"?! But I do remember watching Paige run one time and thinking the same thing to myself..."that girl is FAST"!! Go Paige!

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