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Monday, March 15, 2010
So, a little about this change in seasons...

Apparently having warm play-outside weather after a cold winter is like opening flood gates. There is no going back. Today about the time Paige came home from school Will wanted to go out in the backyard. It was breezy, 45 degrees and cloudy. I told him he can, but I'm staying in because it's not so warm today. So, he played out there alone for a while. I asked Paige if she could see what he was doing. She replied, "I think he's talking to the bushes." Poor guy. Having a conversation with vegetation and being outside beats being stuck inside. I get it.

And a little about this time-change fiasco. Cole is upstairs right now calling my name...again. He usually joins Rich or I to read a book in either Will or Paige's room before going to bed. Tonight he came in Paige's room (where I was) and talked me into reading a book I think Rich had just read him in Will's room. When I told him he had to wait until I finished reading with Paige to hear is book, he sat next to me and sang a song that must have been entitled "Mom" and then provided a physical barrier to seeing the words on the page. He goes to bed like CHAMP usually, but throwing the time off an hour has him out of sorts, poor guy. I get it.


Alli said...

I'd rather talk to bushes than be inside on a nice day. I get it, Will.

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