Random Thoughts

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
1. You know you haven't seen good sun for a while when the 1 year-old is requesting sunglasses while playing outside!

2. I think I am rearing a baby Hulk, judging from what my littlest did to this plastic storage drawer. Either that or Jaws visited our house...(the picture isn't clear, but the drawer completely busted in half)

3. Cole has been having a little bit of sleep anxiety lately. So today I revisited him as he screamed for me and we simply rocked a bit and hummed and he fell fast asleep in my arms. Something I haven't had for a while and something I will forever miss...


suzanne said...

i love little kids in sunglasses. we only had a little bit of sun today but it was glorious while it lasted.

Alli said...

That last part almost made me cry. I'll miss that so much, too :(

Will and Cole look totally stylin in those shades! Especially while Cole is reversing in his car.

Renay said...

was lunch-time a bit off of your well-timed schedule at the Kelly house the day Cole broke the drawer containing all that plastic food??? ;) You know I'm kidding...I dream of being as organized as you!

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