The high & low lights of the day

Thursday, March 11, 2010
  • Last night I was going through library books to read to Will and asked him if he read There's a Dragon Downstairs with dad. He replied, "No, we read it upstairs."
  • I WILL NOT be receiving the Mom of the Year award this year as I forgot it was pajama day at Will's preschool today. He was bummed and I was deeply apologetic. He had been sick Tuesday, so we didn't have a reminder - but I still should have known. However, when I picked him up he was as chipper as ever and I *may* have had a sucker waiting for him in the car as a surprise ( dull the pain of my guilt).
  • Cole's first words when he woke from his nap (after calling for me) was "shoes." Yes - he is SO in love with this warm weather we're having.
  • Cole had to be changed immediately upon entering the house after playing due to his sopping wet pants from this soggy weather we're having.
  • I'm working on toughening up my kids this summer. I was "challenging" them to do tricks on the swing set and they were remarkably wimpy. When Paige would protest a "challenge" idea and say that she couldn't do it, I reminded her that when I was about her age I was climbing a tree, shimmying across a branch, jumping to the roof of a metal shed, sliding down the other side of the shed roof and jumping to the ground. So there. Not that I want them to be avid risk-takers, but a little fire inside to accomplish physical goals would be nice.


suzanne said...

suckers make everything right:)

Anonymous said...

do i remember correctly that you and sarah called yourselves the "danger sisters?" or did i just make that up?

hey, i'm in the not-getting-mom-of-the-year club, too. it's a fine place to be, really.

Kelly said...

I love the first one...comment from Will. Sooo funny. I'm sure he was just soo serious when he said it too. hahaha.

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