My Favorite Times

Monday, March 8, 2010
We all have our favorite times of the day. They change as your life changes. Here are mine now as the days happen during the week:

1. Lunch time. It's like a deep breath after running around or playing like crazy and gives myself and the boys time to unwind.
2. Naptime. Obvious reasons. This is called naptime for Cole, quiet time for Will, and re-group time for me.
3. When Paige comes home from school. I used to really not like this time of day in that it always seemed to turn a quiet afternoon into utter chaos (not that Paige was home - I ALWAYS look forward to that). However, I have completely changed my stance on that because the boys break for a snack, Paige does her homework & has a snack and some great conversation about our days ensues. Love it.
4. When Rich comes home / dinnertime. I am SUCH A MAJOR proponent for family dinners and have studies that support it! Some of our funniest conversations happen then.
5. The beloved post-kid bedtime time. it. Getting ready to enjoy our Tivoed lineup and fold some laundry. Heaven.


Anonymous said...

I was with you until that last line. I'm pretty sure there's no laundry folding in heaven. That is unverified information, of course.

Renay said...

OH my gosh...Nicole totally took my comment! I was going to say that the words laundry and heaven have no place in the same sentence...unless it's "there is no laundry in heaven" HAHA!

suzanne said...

i love nap time. nap time is me time.

jdiehl said...

Me too, Karen; I'm w/ Nicole & Renay! I was just going to write that those 2 words cannot exist beside each other in print & make any kind of cosmic sense!

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