Weekend Tidbits

Sunday, March 7, 2010
1. Cole has re-attached to his Build-A-Bear puppy. It now gets sips from Cole's cup, has booted Milo out of his dog bed and sleeps with Cole. This is totally new for Cole. He has never had any major attachment to a "thing," but lately his silky blanket is used more and this puppy is his right-hand man.

2. Tonight Paige approached me while cooking dinner and said, "What are we...oh man, it has ham in it so I know I'm gonna love it." Yes - she is still 100% carnivore.

3. Tonight Paige also discovered the joy of Microsoft Word. She saw me typing a bulleted list and was intrigued. She now has her own folder with 2 documents: one is books she plans on taking on vacation and the other is a list of things Cole likes. She is mighty proud.

4. I would update on Will, but I couldn't even see him most of the weekend as he was usually hidden by a mound of wadded-up tissues from this nasty cold he has. He is a silent sufferer and I hope he feels better soon!

5. There is apparently 2-3 hours worth of fun to be had with a 30+ year old bagful of marbles that was rediscovered today. Endless family fun!


suzanne said...

hope will feels better soon. the rest of my family has a nasty cold too and i'm trying my best to not get it.

Jamie said...

Great update! I guess after Cole didn't have aunt Jamie as his pet cat anymore, he needed a new friend. haha That's cute to see though!! And so happy for Paige that she shares our love of list-making!! Feel better, Will - he is such a trooper!

Alli said...

I'm a list-maker, too! And I have a feeling the bulleted list you were creating was my itinerary :) Cute update. I can't wait to see you guys!!

Renay said...

The comment from Paige on ham is hysterical! I think I might actually feel the same way...about ham...now I think I need to make something with ham in it tomorrow. thanks for making me hungry ;)

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