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Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Today I was in a bit of a bummer mood until this happened. Cole and I had been playing Mack truck (it opens and Lightning McQueen has a little bachelor pad inside - pretty cool). I usually don't play cars too much when we play together because he gets so much of that when he plays with Will.

Then tonight as Rich and I sat at the dinner table once the kids had been excused, Cole came up to me with McQueen and said, "Pay, Pay." And I was thoroughly confused as that is the same word he uses for Paige. I made a few more guesses until I said, "Play?" Cole nodded emphatically and led me by the finger to play Mack truck...again. Two things excited me about this. He is trying to use new words more and more AND it was his way of saying, "Hey, mom, what we did before? It was really fun." So, of course, we played Mack truck some more.


heresthediehl said...

yeah! glad to hear that your day got better AND cole's talking more! i don't think i've mentioned that jack henry is currently OBSESSED with mack - it goes with us in the van every time we leave the house even!

i always knew cole and jack henry were twins separated at birth! just one more bit of evidence!

jdiehl said...

Oh . . . OK. I was thinking your title referred to a new chemical mood booster. Maybe a new chocolate or the like. I'm all about any suggestions from you young moms. But no . . . sorry, nevermind.

Anonymous said...

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