Wrapping up 2017

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Here's the truth:  I just typed "wrapping up 2018" in the title because we're that far into the year that now "2017" feels weird.  But we did some great celebrating I don't want to forget, so...

1) Thanksgiving!  We had a great dinner at my Aunt Lavonne's this year.  We did the annual sock-stuffing for the homeless shelter, played games and enjoyed hanging out.


Kid table!

2) Paige started cheer (both basketball and competitive) season.  So Friday nights are spent at basketball games and weekends are spend at cheer competitions.  In retrospect, it was a fun, rather quick season that she enjoyed very much!

3) Paige turned 15! It's easy to celebrate this girl.  She has had such a great first semester of High School.  I can only hope she continues this successfully, enjoying it all the way.

4) Christmas!  Don't believe when people tell you Christmas isn't as enjoyable when your kids are no longer little.  There are differences, for sure, but the joy and special moments are still very much there.  We had a celebration with my side of the family the Saturday before.  We hosted Christmas dinner with Rich's side of the family on Christmas.

New phone!  (oh yeah, one difference is that the gifts get pricier)

New bat!

Walter Payton jersey!

5) Held Visit!  My uncle and his children (closer to our kids' ages) visited between Christmas and through New Year.  We filled that time with a turn at Feed My Starving Children, a trip up to my sister's for some snow tubing (despite the FRIGID temps), a New Year's party, and hanging out.
Feed My Starving Children Assembly Line

Tubing!  If it was even just NOT negative degrees, I could have done this all night!


NYE games!

NYE Games!

Team B was the winner!

Happy 2018!


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