Filling In on Fall

Monday, November 13, 2017
I'm going to back track on fall a bit.  Obviously I'm late in updating.  I blame the weather.  You know, the weather that seemed to go from summer tank top weather to warm boots and gloves weather!

For example, Homecoming took place on a sweaty, humid 90+ degree late September day!  We weren't totally prepared for a gathering of a gazillion friends and parents before the dance, but it went smoothly!  Though some work, it reminded me that Paige has great friends that come with good parents and I'm happy to cater to that!

This one's my favorite

Subway to the rescue


Of course, there's more to Homecoming than the dance!  Because Paige was cheering for football, this involved us in the game, a parade, and of course, a cheer breakfast!
Friday Night 

Cheer Pool Party!


We were excited that despite thinking she wasn't going to, Paige tried out and made the competitive cheer team!  So...winter brings basketball games and weekends of competitions!

Will tried something new this fall, too!  He ran for the Jr. High cross country team.  He got better as the season went on and was particularly good at the kick at the end. 


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