Monday, November 13, 2017
We kept the weekend of the 21st open for Charlie and Abbi's wedding in Michigan!  It was so fun to travel back up there so soon for another wedding.  This was a Friday night weekend corresponding nicely with a Friday 1/2 day of school for the kids.  The weather was perfection and we had a party bus.  Also perfection.

Brunch the following day included an impromptu baseball game!

Crazy kids


Charlie and Abbi Hess

Table #: trouble

Liv and Zac

The entertainment

Then we had a great Halloween weekend which included a surprise visit by my cousin Tam and her husband Kurt from Florida (to celebrate my cousin Laurie's 50th).  We had a party at a restaurant, followed by more gathering at Lavonne's, followed by brunch at my parent's, followed by dinner and a pumpkin carving contest at the Eggers'.  Soaked in every minute!
Lauren and Paige

Tami and Paige

BB guns.  Of course.

This and zip lining! Because it's not fun unless it's dangerous!

Hard working carvers

We were worried about Tami's carving plan at first.

Serious business.

The winner!

Of course, we did the normal Halloween as well.  I volunteered in Cole's class for a successful Halloween party and then Paige went to a party nearby.  Will went trick or treating with friends and I took Cole with friends.  A good time was had by all!
This is how high schoolers do Halloween

Weird, right?

Plenty to go around

Cole's costume!  :)

Lastly, towards the end of summer, Rich and the boys started their project refurbishing his late father's Cub Cadet tractor from the early 1970s.  They revealed it to Rich's mom on her birthday in early October.  Of course, before pictures would help, but it looks spectacular!


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