Manic May

Thursday, July 6, 2017
Note to Self:  forget March.  MAY is the madness month.  School-related festivities and frantic wrap-ups for the year in addition to baseball season is utter chaos.  Busy, enjoyable chaos.  And it's not even like I had a graduate or anything!  (May this serve as a reminder to buy more wine for the Mays in which THAT happens).

It was a month of reminders of how old our kids are getting!  Paige's band traveled to U of I for Superstate, which was a great experience!  Rich and I took a day to hit campus and see them perform.

Then there was 8th grade formal and promotion!  *sigh*  Paige earned a special legion award and had a great time at the dance!

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May four no-doubt lightning fast years of High School commence!


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