Thursday, July 6, 2017
Of course baseball gets its own post, as it accounts for SO MUCH of our time March through July.  And this is not me complaining.  They were particularly fun seasons for both boys, with Rich coaching Cole and NOT coaching Will for the first time.  Both boys improved significantly and were truly enjoyable to watch, which works well to overshadow the wind, cold, rain, rain-outs, intense sun, rushed early dinners, dirty uniforms and dirtier cars.

Here are some pictures from their seasons.  Will: bronco division, Indians (12-4 for season).  Cole: Mustang division, Dodgers (12-4 for season).  First, a shout-out to the loyal fans....

This was wind + cold

Special game played up at Brewers stadium

Rich did help out the Indians whenever possible.

Much improved batting average!

Photo credit to friends of ours as this is a great one of Cole doing what he loves best!


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