Blog Re-Boot

Thursday, July 6, 2017
I was going to switch gears.  Close the book on the blog and start simply logging our goings-on in Shutterfly photo books instead.  Then I read through a couple previous posts and decided that though the level of sharing is decreased and the types of stories changed, I still like the anecdotes and chronological record that this blog provides.  So, I hope to keep it up and avoid such large dry spells between posts.

It would make sense to start the update with our best family vacation ever.  When Rich and I went on our honeymoon to Hawaii, and then on another trip after having Paige and Will, we always said that it was our hope to bring the kids there someday when they could remember it AND tolerate the travel well.  I'm pretty good at putting this type of thing off (well, this and things like painting my kitchen ceiling.  I mean, who looks up anyway?).  The planning, booking, cost, pet care, potential for problems are all barriers.  But we did it: Spring break 2017.

The trip was amazing!  The kids traveled like pros.  We ate like kings.  We breathed in the floral, ocean air.  We marveled at island traditions and history.  We relaxed.  We hiked, swam, saw whales, saw friends, shopped and ate some more.  Most of all, I was reminded that these "time outs," both big and small, are important.

The Hyatt Regency Resort at Ka'anapali beach on Maui


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