February *sigh*

Monday, February 27, 2017
Note to self: February is kind of boring.  I literally only have pictures of home décor changes on my phone from this month...meaning nothing overly exciting has occurred.  Of course, there have been two unbelievable things: we had a string of almost 60 degree days in February and I turned 40.  Unimaginable, right?

Actually, I had a great time ringing in the new decade.  It included some nice surprises like a visit from my BFF and a trip up to Jamie and Steve's -- Rich and I had a fancy dinner out and we all spent the night at their house!  Feeling very full and complete with this birthday!
Such a fun way to celebrate!  Can't thank her enough!

Jacob learning all things Snapchat from Paige

A little crafting

We brought Milo with us to the Fox's, but that's not him.  That "dog" strangely resembles Jacob.

Movie Time!

Next, the weather.  Oh, how everyone marveled at the reprieve we had from winter.  Bikes were brought out, all sports balls, and the motorcycle.  There were dirty bare feet and sweaty ball caps.  It was awesome.  Even today is a mild 50 degrees.  But with this cold I have and 30s in the forecast, I'm well aware winter is still upon us.  But here are some pictures of us living it up while we could!
Cole and Jacob enjoying a swing!

Jacob in charge of Milo (Bubba) at the park

Cole getting some early test runs in on his new bike received for Christmas.  He'll be getting places much faster this summer!

We are keenly aware that we are in the 1-month countdown until spring break.  We are more than ready!


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