Rounding Out 2016

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Truth: I completely forgot about documenting our lives, backing up my pictures on this computer and this blog, in case that wasn't evident.

Current Situation:  Kids flaked out on the floor watching too much TV on a too long holiday break as Will recovers from some crazy stomach/fever bug and Paige is still getting rid of a symptoms from a bad cold. 

Oh, and it's now 2017!  Because it has been 2 years since I published this blog and I'm anxious to do so, here is the last two months in bullets!

  • As with every fall, we had a day of leaf fun in Grandma and Grandpa Cumpata's yard.  I never quite know how much progress we made, besides burning through mower fuel.

No exceptions due to size.  We all help.

Plenty of motorized assistance to go around.

Fall hike


  • We also saw the end to cheerleading season for Paige (last of junior high!)

  • And Paige turned 14!  We had a family party where she got many things she wanted, including a chocolate fountain dessert!


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