October Highlights

Saturday, November 5, 2016
By this time, school work is getting more serious, temperatures are getting cooler, and before you know it you're hearing holiday tunes played in department stores!  But, fall is my favorite, and so we try to savor it.  We have been blessed with fantastic fall weather this year and here is what we've been doing with it....

Another camping trip (the last of the season) to Devil's lake Wisconsin was, again, filled with great weather beautiful scenery!

I know that there are studies that show nature's positive effects on the brain.  I don't need science to prove that.

Cole got to attend his first Bears football game with Rich!  It was a good game, but they came up short. 

We had a great visit from my Aunt Beth from North Carolina!  An entire weekend of gatherings and fun!
Playing a game.  We were really usually much more lively than this!

Beth and the kids

 We had a reunion with old neighbors we grew up with...

And Halloween....
Cole - as Kylo Ren

Will - as a SWAT team guy with his buds

Pumpkin Patch!  We got all the necessities: pumpkins, kettle corn, cider and apple cider donuts!

Lastly (and a slight bleed into November), THE CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!  This has been surreal and so joyful!  It is a fantastic departure from the gloomy election time that we are currently in and has simply been a great reminder of sportsmanship, family tradition, and history!  We have bought the gear.  We have had a mini-party to watch the parade and rally.  Oh - and this is the first year we all went together as a family to a game!  But also, in this very month Rich and I got to visit Wrigley through Advocate and have dinner on the field, a tour, and just plain hang out ON THE FIELD!  Having this be the year makes this memory even sweeter!

And that does it for October.  It was a great month. Bring on November, food, celebrations, and the chance of snow!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to your Chicago Cubs for winning the World Series & what a great series it was never been to Chicago other than the O'Hare airport my grandfather was born in Chicago so always liked the windy city..

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