Let me tell you a little something...

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
...about when a stomach bug starts making the rounds in a family's house.  Turns out I wasn't immune to what Will had, which was a double dose of a cold and stomach virus.  I got the stomach one.  Thankfully, Rich stepped in and kept things civil and the kids are quite self-sufficient these days.  I was thankful there was nothing pressing on the agenda for that 48-hour period.  When this happens (and I have cross-referenced with others on this), you quickly ditch the natural remedies and "feel good" products and go straight to the heavy-hitters.  Bleach was my friend and no washable surface was safe.  Sorry, Earth. Thankfully, the spread stopped with the two of us.

Now, winter progresses with the boys doing a baseball camp at the High School on a couple Saturdays this month, Paige doing a tumbling class in hopes to get a back handspring, and Will doing a speed and agility class.  We are looking into re-doing our flooring (a warning that I will be in ill mental health during this time) and are awaiting a reprieve from the sub-zero temps.

In thinking about making it through the winter, I got to reminiscing about how winters used to be.  Entertaining toddlers in the brutal days of winter were so different.  Some days were stay-in-all-day days, some times I'd LOVE to find activities to pass the time (library visits, jumping classes, hanging out at the mall).  So, in honor of these memories, here are some pictures.  Call it, "turn back time Tuesday."
Science museum!  A whole day of entertainment and guaranteed naps later!

Hang out days...that sometimes end in falling asleep on the couch. (Will)

Hey, no snow on the driveway!  Good enough for bikes!

Two words: cardboard boxes.

Snow play...in the age when the time it takes to get them bundled is longer than actual time outside.


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