The Holidays are Here!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015
As much as I put off "getting in the spirit" until after Thanksgiving, once the turkey holiday is here, I'm ready to dive in!  Christmas shopping is 95% done (thank you, Amazon), cookies are cooling on the counter and Christmas cards are here are halfway to getting in the mailbox.

Our elf visited...a sure sign the season is here.  Thanks to other school-aged kids, we started this tradition and have to admit, though tedious at times and easy to forget, it is still fun to see excitement from one (or giggles and smirks from others).  A little person who got curious with baby powder / marshmallows / toilet paper while we slept?  I mean, it's funny.

Thankfully, we've had time to relax and enjoy the season for what it's meant for also.  We kicked the season off with a beautiful Thanksgiving at my parents' house.
Cousins playing.  My guess, knowing Olivia, is that it had something to do with kitties.

Turkey coma

5th (I think?) annual sock stuffing assembly line for Hesed House
We followed Thanksgiving with Illumination at the Morton Arboretum.  (Or, according to the kids...follow the path to the next hot cocoa tent).  It was nice to spend time there versus in a mall like so many others on this day.

But, before all of that, Rich and I got a great little getaway to our old town of Champaign to meet up with my college roommates for a football game and night out.  It was great and especially neat to be there as they honored veterans the week of Veterans' Day.

So, now it is onto school parties, family gatherings and fun like that.  I'm keeping busy with volunteering, and keeping up with the household.  Of course, made possible with the help of my kids.  Here's an example:
Cole from upstairs: Hey mom! I made less laundry for you.
Me: Great! How'd you do that?
Cole: I just shoved my foot real hard in the hamper.

See?  Great helpers.


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