Change is Good

Monday, November 9, 2015
Though I know that change is good, I'm generally a "comfort in routine" type of person.  But I'm also in a constant effort to better myself and I know that embracing change would make me better.  Because change is coming.  Change in the form of:
  • The types of problems we come across as parents of slightly older kids (hint: it's not about pacifier habits or sharing toys anymore).
  • Weather.  Frosty grass just this morning, but not before an annual mega leaf day:

  • My daily schedule, which may involve commuting to a job in the near future. 
  • This girl.  Full-fledged teenager next month!

  • This blog.  I wish to keep it up, as it ends up being my only hard-copy photo album since I don't print pictures much these days.  Yet without my kids around many hours of the day, it's hard to report the little details in their day-to-day lives - the reason I began in the first place. 
  • My health...if I keep rummaging through my kids' Halloween bags at night!


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