When Kids Get Bigger...

Saturday, September 19, 2015
I'm not just talking size bigger...but older bigger.  I've had many reminders lately that ours are bigger and I LOVE the things that come with it.  Of course I miss the other things like long snuggles, naps, a bin of cars keeping them busy for hours, etc.  But this big kid stuff can be pretty awesome and it takes taking a moment to step back and take a look to realize it (because it also comes with its share of bigger issues, homework and schedules).

Take last Saturday, for example.  The Illini game had been rained out Friday night and rescheduled for Saturday.  Which we had wide open.  So after having breakfast we decided to ride down for it.  It was easy!  I didn't have to pack a diaper bag, major snacks, changes of clothes, strollers, or think ahead to meals for the day.  We just went.  It was great!  And super hot.
The Alma Mater! (Or, putting it like the kids, "We have to take our picture with the statue again?"

Block I

New seats...in the shade!

An Illini Win!

And then there's the maturity.  (Well, some of the time there is maturity).  Will was home sick for a day and so I was getting him what he needed and making him comfortable.  At least three different times he thanked me for taking care of him.  Instead of saying that I kind of had to otherwise DCFS comes and takes him away, I simply filed that away for times I fear he might be insensitive or acts like he doesn't care.

After returning to school, he had a TON of make up homework.  It took the rest of the week to slowly trudge through it all.  Some of it required my help to decipher assignments.  He must have thanked me 4 times for this help.  Proof he is more and more self-sufficient.  We don't have to do as much for him.  When we do...it's noticed.

Similar types of proof of "bigness" have come from Paige and Cole as well.  Don't get me wrong.  We still have our moments and complete lapses of judgement here and there.  And then there's this question from Cole, "Do you think I can use some of my college money to buy a new iPod case?" And the tidbit from Will tonight that he's not ever having kids because he wants "lots of motorcycles and toilets with heated seats and stuff." 

So, there's still some "getting bigger" to do!


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great pictures @ the Illinois game & blog comments

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