Another Bulletted List

Monday, January 19, 2015
(Disclaimer: this post was supposed to be longer, but since Blogger is acting up, this will be a 2-parter!)

One great use of bullet points is to offer a lot of information in a clear, succinct manner.  Because I'm averaging two posts here a month, it has become my go-to format.  So, here we go!

  • First, I never posted a New Year's Eve party picture!  Here's proof of the usual games and cousin sleep-fest:

  • Next, Paige had a friend shindig for her birthday!  Seven friends came over and played games, danced and ate.  In lieu of gifts, she had them bring donations for a pet rescue group.  We just dropped it off the other day and it was SO fun seeing some of the recipients of the food and treats.
    It was an Ugly Christmas Sweater party!

    Pet donations

  • THEN...the kids got to cash in a Christmas present of trips to an indoor skydive center.  It was awesome!  The pictures speak for themselves!
    Cole - Nervous face, but DID IT!

    Paige - with a smile!

    Will - no fear

    THEN, there was 1 day of school and then 3 off for frigid temperatures.  That's THREE unexpected days off after 16 for Christmas break! (I say, with slight disbelief and a bit of paranoia).  But this winter has been kinder overall than last winter, I'd like to think.  And have no fear.  We are actively looking for someplace warm to travel over spring break!  But I don't know how well I'd do without having scenes like this:

  • Morning fog coated trees and bushes in a crystal layer.  Beautiful and peaceful!

    Boys - with a goal of tunneling all the way through.  They did it!


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