Paige's Birthday Post

Sunday, December 14, 2014
I'm going to take a moment now to record a few words about the fact that Paige is turning an even dozen in a little over a week.  This is in keeping with the way her birthday has always been...Back in 2002, I was done with Christmas shopping much earlier than normal, scheduling gatherings around this expected day, and  taking time away from what everyone else was focused on to anticipate and look forward to this new little person that was to come.  I loved having a baby at this time of year, despite nay-sayers' input on my due date.  There is nothing more effective for reminding one of the miracle of the birth of Jesus than experiencing the miracle of birth so close to the anniversary of that date.  I am also so happy that she loves having her birthday at this time...the celebratory mood everyone is already in, the time off of school for more party potential, and double presents!

We had a small family celebration this weekend at our house and Paige's response was that she couldn't imagine a better birthday and doesn't know how she'll top this one next year.  This comes after she was feverishly helping me the night before (after a school event and having the kitchen tore up for 2+ days) to prepare because she literally felt bad (read: thankful) for the effort I was putting in.  And this is where the major change in the past year has become apparent.  I love her gift of gratitude and, unlike many of us, she remembers to verbalize it.  Whether it is an article of clothing washed in time to be worn or a dinner she particularly liked (which is most), she is always the first to say thank-you.

She is a great communicator.  She is a pleaser.  She is thoughtful.  She is happy.  She is excitable.  She is beautiful.  She is open-minded and caring.  She has become so much more than I ever could have imagined in that time of anticipation in 2002.  Happy birthday, Paige Michelle!
Back in the day...

Aloe Vera plant - because, like, Pinterest has so many uses for it!

Double piercing!  

Twelve years! (Wish someone would have warned me it would look more like 16!)


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