Keeping up with Summer

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Quite obviously, this blog has been a drop zone for all of our "done thats" this summer.  Mainly because I don't really have time for deep thoughts or witty takes on life.  This one doesn't differ.  Try to keep up!  We have:

  • Met friends at the Morton Arboretum for a day of nature and picnicking.
    All boys.  One girl.

  • Biked to and ate from the BBQ wagon followed by river wading and hiking.
  • Continued to watch and enjoy Cole's baseball games (even Milo)
    #12 (a.k.a. smallest kid on the team) with his arm around coach dad

    He's cheering for #12
  • Biked a lot - stopped at the splash park.

  • Went to Medieval Times! (Something we have been talking about and we made it fun by using our coin jar money and garage sale money to pay our way).  Remember the lemonade stand the kids made money on during the garage sale?  Yeah, we didn't use that money.

    Eating without silverware.  My kids did it well!

  • Prepared for Will's birthday!  Here he is next to his oak tree.  This was a seedling he brought home from preschool in a plastic bag on Earth Day.  Now look at it...and him!
  • Mentally prepared for an early wake-up call from here on out with band camp starting at 8am tomorrow.  So long, slow summer mornings!


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