Another Snowy Weekend

Sunday, February 9, 2014
It was a good weekend, with some variations from the norm.  We didn't have our normal TGIF gathering due to an event at school - the Fun Fair (a.k.a run around with friends and win junky treasures and 2-Liter bottles of pop we'll never drink).  Saturday was another and I mean ANOTHER snowy day! So despite this, we traveled to the theater with the Eggers and my parents to divvy up between The LEGO Movie and The Monuments Men, followed by a pizza dinner.  It was a good way to spend the day!

Sunday, just Rich and Paige went to visit his parents, as I was fighting a horrible cold that thankfully has had mercy on me today.  They had a nice visit and then Will*, Cole and I had a laid back day.  We went to Target to spend gift cards that have been burning holes in their pockets, then spent a little time outside sledding with a neighbor - despite temps in the teens.

And this is my 100 year old (for the 100th day of school).  Some went more all-out than this, but this was as far as he'd go.  But I can see the little old man in him!  The cool fact is that the hat DID belong to my grandfather - who would be nearing 100 if he were still with us.

* And now, a word about Will.  I feel the need to take a moment to verbalize that his behavior / maturity has been much improved lately.  He has helped out when not asked, gotten along great with his little brother lately, and just plain been more agreeable.  I found myself thinking this and realizing that if he were having difficulties, I would definitely sit him down for a talk.  But I'm less likely to do that when he is doing well.  So I made a point of this tonight (and will continue to try harder in this area) and he couldn't wipe the grin off his face.  It's good to point out good.


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