The Good and The Bad Report

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We had an extended weekend thanks to the equality efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and I am very thankful. (For the equality and the day off). Here’s the good and the bad of it:

BAD: Had two different memorials for people lost. A great uncle of mine and the grandmother of our brother-in-law.

GOOD: A rare chance to see my Michigan relatives (though especially brief) and the chance to see a full 96-year life to the end – as it should be.

BAD: It snowed. Again. Plus it’s bitter. Again.

GOOD: I can still sport my snowflake things with no hesitation.

BAD: Driving in said weather many miles this weekend with snow-glazed eyes and white knuckles.

GOOD: Seeing Paige have excellent success at her cheer competition. (pictures below)

BAD: A lot of “divide and conquer” this weekend.

GOOD: The feeling when the 11-year old asks to have a sibling sleepover on her floor and the giggles and giddiness is off the charts.

Here's to more good than bad!


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