Catching Up

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Our weekend quickly became a 4-dayer, what with the polar vortex that continues to torture us.  School is on tomorrow, and if Will's super bad headache* doesn't amount to anything serious, I will have 3 hours of glorious freedom and errand running tomorrow.  After all, I HAVE been out of dark chocolate for 2 days.  It's serious.

This weekend marked the long-awaited pinewood derby races for Cub Scouts for Will.  He and Rich have worked hard on his car which weighed in right on the mark per specifications.  It came right in the middle of the pack as far as speed - but it looked good doing it!

Lane 3 - Illini/Bears colors

Later in the weekend we gathered to celebrate 93 (!!) years for my Grandma Cumpata.  It was a very pleasant gathering and great chance to see cousins we don't see often enough.  Our kids picked up right where they left off...and are planning a slumber party in the near future!

Still enjoys a good party!


Some good outside time (before the sub-zero temps hit)

Lastly, we are keeping Rich's parents' yellow lab for a bit and having this lab/mutt combo again is so fun.  At first, she was a little whiny and unsure of this crazy household.  Now, I think she digs it.
Keeping me Rich's spot!

* Will just came up to me and said he just threw up a little in his mouth.  Awesome.


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