The Full Week

Monday, August 27, 2012
So this week will be almost a true test of whether we're ready for the school year.  (The true test will be when we incorporate our evening activities into the mix, which start next week).  And despite a little forgetfulness on Will's part, (his lunch box sits on a school bus in a bus barn as I type this) which was a trend last year too, we are doing quite well!

And since we have a full week before Cole's schedule gets rolling (preschool three days a week plus swim lessons 1 morning) we decided to use one of his freebies he earned from the library's reading program and went to the nearby Children's Museum with my sister and cousin Renee.  It was a great morning out! 

Water section.  Cole could have filled containers and created waterways all day.

Standing within a model train table - new exhibit

Don't interfere.  He has a system and you will surely ruin it.

I have to admit, I'm loving this one-on-one time with Cole again.  Over the summer he was all about the sibs unless he needed food/drink or some back up defense against said siblings.  Then, Rich would get home and he'd be all about him.  Now he's eager to hold my hand and suggests games/toys we might play together.  It's great!

Found this super cheap and was convinced he wants to be this for Halloween!  How's that for prepared?
Somewhat unrelated, the kids have a little time for TV in the morning and, quite honestly, kids' programming is kind of junk in the morning plus it's difficult to find something all enjoy.  Animal Planet has been a great solution.  After DVRing all the Crocodile Hunter shows, we have moved onto Orangutan Island.  Today Cole was watching an orangutan eat and noticed it was missing some front teeth.  "Hey, Mom!!  That guy knocked out his front teeth too!"


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