Summer List, By Paige

Monday, May 21, 2012
I was creating a summer list of activities and to-do's one night on the computer (out of excitement and a little panic) when Paige came down from bed insisting that she just wasn't tired. I gave her an assignment to brainstorm her own ideas for summer. Armed with paper and a marker, she headed back to her room. Here is the result:
1. Catch butterflies
2. Plant garden
3. Have friends over
4. Go to parks - prairie point
5. Grandpa - get goats
6. See new baby - new neighbors
7. Watch movies at movie theater
8. Watch "Friends"
9. Have summer party!!
10. Play outside
11. Love mom and dad

So we may have to work on grandpa to get pet goats. And I own every episode of "Friends" and she has seen a couple, but overall, they aren't age-appropriate. The rest...totally do-able! Bring on summer!


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