The Fast Last Days

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Five.  We're down to 5 more days of school!  I'm so ready for it to be over.  I'm done with the sifting through papers at 4pm.  I'm done with rigid bedtimes.  I'm done with homework.  I'm done with mornings - anything before 7:30am.  I'm done with bus stops.  I'm done with not seeing my kids all day.  (Fast forward a couple weeks when I'm wishing for them to go somewhere for 6 hours for just ONE more day)!  These days have been flying by, mostly because we are more heavily scheduled than usual, making the yearning for unscheduled time even greater. 

But...I had time to get to school early today to see Cole get his "wings" on his last day of preschool 3's.  I didn't get real choked up (but I did a little), because we're not seeing a major change next year (he'll be back there for 4's, just adding a day a week).  However, I was proud of how well his first year of school went, despite some tearful days.  In fact, after congratulating him in the car he added, "Yeah.  But sometimes I wanted to be home and sometimes I wanted to be at school," obviously remembering the tearful days as well.

And then, of course, there's the reminder of how young he still is, like when he was totally confused as to why he wouldn't be marrying Paige.  I mean, he knows they aren't getting married now...but when they get to be a mom and dad they will.  At least, that was his very confident logic.

The 3 year old graduate


Suzanne said...

I love preschool graduations. It's amazing how fast it seems like everything is starting to go.

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