Wednesday, May 9, 2012
While I don't feel like I have nearly as many balls in the air as many I know, lately there are just many small details that are adding up to an overall feeling of busy-ness.  And it has also come to my attention that maybe I need an even more effective mode of organization.  Here are the things clogging my mind:

  1. Tonight was fundraiser pickup (frozen cookie dough).  I remembered this LAST week, but forgot this week, remembering as soon as I heard the nice school librarian call my house just as we were sitting down to dinner.
  2. Three make-up swim lessons at different times this week on top of the usual lesson.
  3. Make-up field trip for Cole tomorrow
  4. Cancelled volunteering in Will's class for above field trip
  5. Special occassion planning
  6. Multiple birthday invites to RSVP to
  7. Home and School association meetings
  8. Teacher appreciation stuff
  9. And other random things
Again, nothing major.  And I'm super thankful for the comic relief I get daily.  Like tonight when Will called me in his room to show me he could make his stuffed animal shark do an Elvis impression..."thank you.  Thank you very much," says Will in his best Elvis voice.  Or Cole doing Just Dance Wii last night in pajama pants that were too big for him such that every other move was a waistband hike-up.  (I took video of this because it cracked me up good, but can't get it to upload!)*.  Or Paige tonight coming down to say that the character in her book is eating raisins and she got a strange craving, so can she have some?  (She doesn't even like raisins, according to her).

So, perhaps I shift to using my phone calendar more, or maybe I'll get a big dry-erase board...or maybe I'll just forget a thing here and there.  I guess everyone has scattered moments.

*Okay, here's a link to the video


Anonymous said...

I'll watch the video tomorrow because it's so late, but I have to say yes to both phone calendar and dry erase board. I'm using both to try to keep myself where I need to be :)

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