Out of the Mouths

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
For Cole, it seems as if he tries to have private thoughts, yet what spills out of his mouth always clues the listener into what he's really thinking.

This morning, a little peeved that I felt it was a winter coat kind of day, he was quiet on the way to school for a while.  Then the silence was broken by his statement, "Some moms and dads are a little wrong and some kids are a little right.  I said some moms and dads.  Not you and dad."  Hmmm....really?

Then, also on the way to school, he was yawning and said that he was a little tired...but he's not going to cry about it at school.  It was like a little reverse psychology pep talk.

Then later in the day the kids were watching a television show where tweeners were talking about tweeting on twitter.  After a while, Will turned to Paige and said, "Why don't they just talk to each other?"  Profound.


Nicole said...

I am DYING laughing over Cole's "some moms and dads" statement...that kid is hilarious!

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