Thursday, April 5, 2012
The kids got off school a little early today which gave us more fight free time before dinner.  The boys were in the basement playing a video game together when there was an obvious scuffle and Will came up 2 flights of stairs to where I was to tell me that Cole had said "stupid."  I told him to send Cole up, which he did.  When Cole arrived he admitted, "I didn't know preschoolers couldn't say that."  We had a brief discussion about how that's not a great word for anyone to utter. 

Now, my theory:  Will said "stupid" referring to the video game and that prompted Cole to repeat him, at which point Will said he shouldn't say that.  Then I'm sure Cole would come back with a "but you did," and this led to the scuffle I heard. And then THAT'S when Will fed him the line that came back to me...preschoolers can't say it.  Trust me.  This is how it went down.

Then, tonight at dinner we had noodles that Will likes to dip in A1 (don't ask me).  Only he said he wasn't allowing himself to put it on his plate until after we pray because it will just make his tongue water.

And below I have pictured more of my child labor. least favorite domestic task.  Check!


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