My Grade = F

Thursday, January 26, 2012
That grade applies to my efforts in keeping up my blog!  Luckily, my kids' grades (which came home on Monday for 2nd quarter) were opposite.  Both are doing excellent in school right now and really seem to enjoy themselves.  Since I haven't been good with the day-to-day anecdotes that I love to record, I'll have to overview this week.  I'll organize by kid:

PAIGE:  Is super excited about the upcoming 3rd grade musical and is lobbying for a "main speaking part," which comes as no surprise.  She is also enjoying her new cheer squad.  Moving up an age bracket has made a major difference.  This week, Paige moved up a level in swim lessons as well! (Psst...don't tell her, but this is the point at which I was going to allow them to quit if they wanted.  I'm not saying a word.)  This past weekend she went to a skating rink for only the second time for a birthday party and did much better than her first!

WILL:  Has graduated from the reading program they have for 1st grade.  Now he does something different when it is time for "baggy books."  He feels cool being able to say he's officially a chapter book reader.  Will also changed swim teachers this week and looked like a different swimmer!  Hopefully this means he may be moving up soon too!  And this just in...Will announced to us today that he has his first crush.  Her name is Avenley.  And actually Aiden has a crush on her, too.  They've made a pact not to tell anyone, so you didn't hear it from me.  I took Will with me for his first time on roller skates this past weekend and after just 1 lap he didn't want to hold my hand!  At the end of the time he was sweating!

Looking cool - jamming to Vanilla Ice! 

COLE:  Such my good bud!  Cole is moving at a snail's pace in swimming, but his teacher is patient and kind and he totally enjoys going, so we'll take it!  He has not had an interest in letter sounds or letter writing AT ALL.  I try hard not to let this concern me, as I know that if I wait for the interest, it will be time better spent.  Finally, he is starting to get it!  Today, a colored picture came home from school with "mom" written at the top.  And he recognized that "Mater" starts with "M" like "Mom."  Huge.  He also got an invitation from a good bud in preschool for a birthday party!  Also, he is much enjoying his indoor t-ball class.  In fact, he was quite upset last week when he didn't have time to apply a fresh tattoo so he could show it to his coach!
A snack made by Cole.  The bigs LOVED it as their after school snack and he felt super cool!  (Cinnamon sugar baked tortillas dipped in frosting.)  Warning: will result in sugar high.


Renay said...

me = F for not reading your blog lately! I love the updates! Brady JUST got interested in letters too...maybe a third kid thing like "what's the rush?!" I am making Cole's snack today....but I'm not going to share it ;)

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