Monday, January 30, 2012
I've mentioned  before that I LOVE hanging out with Cole.  There are challenges, though, when we're one-one-one.  Here's an idea of what that's like...

  • The minute the big kids are whisked away on the bus leaving behind a flurry of breakfast dishes and other messes, Cole wonders if I can play (probably something involving cars and tracks) with him.  Everyday I tell him I need to straighten up the kitchen first, then I will. The good news is that he now still asks me, but prefaces it with, "you can clean the kitchen first."  Thanks.  The bad news is that he'll check-in roughly every 90 seconds to see if I'm done yet and ready to play.

  • Cole is at the rough age where he can speak clearly and explain things well.  He also has enough mental capability to know and be frustrated when his message is being received incorrectly.  Take, for example, the other day.  Cole wanted to cook those things.  You know, those things we got from the basement?  Me: what did it taste like?  They're yummy.  When did we make them?  The yesterday. [10 minutes pass with explanations still not clear.] Show me.  Cole proceeds to go downstairs and open the cabinet to the board games.  I'm officially baffled.  Finally, he utters the word "cinnamon" and I know what he wants.  Frozen whole-wheat apple cinnamon muffin dough.  There were 6 left.  We baked them for no other reason but to refuel after that exhaustion.

  • Naptimes are dwindling.  Unless we're just having a freak couple weeks.  Either way, it's not surprising and he can handle a day nap-less pretty well.  It's the several-days-in-a-row that becomes a problem.  Usually the result is a short temper, and somehow usually hitting or pushing Will is involved. 

  • Of course, none of this outweighs the fun we have.  Today we had a "restaurant lunch" in the playroom.  He was in charge of the ambiance.  For him, this included a candle in the middle, place mats, (all of the) napkins, roughly 10 minutes spent on wrapping and taping silverware in napkins, and music he chose on my iPhone.  It was the best restaurant ever.


Jamie & Steve said...

So cute - love the sippy cup in the real mug - must have been a 5 star restaurant!!

Suzanne said...

Wow, that is a fancy lunch table

Kelly said...

Izzy & I would like to make a reservation at that really cool/adorable restaurant. ;)

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