It's Hard Being a Kid

Sunday, November 6, 2011
I've noticed that I write a lot about how it's difficult being a parent.  This weekend, though, I was thinking about how it's kinda hard to be a kid, too.  Specifically, it's probably hard for kids to understand the contradicting messages we send them.  Have you ever noticed?  Here are a few that came to mind...
  • We strive for more sleep, more sleep when they're little.  Then, they get to school and we're nudging them to wake-up already!
  • We warn them not to talk to strangers; then we correct them for not willingly exchanging pleasantries with a new adult acquaintance.
  • We don't let them get down from the table until they've eaten enough; then they get a little older and we practically need a "kitchen is closed" sign.
  • We tell them they shouldn't worry about what others think; then we fuss over outfit and hair for events.
  • We spend their first several years building up their confidence and telling them how great they are; then we don't want them to be arrogant or brag.
  • We tell them to turn the other cheek; then we tell them to stick up for what they believe in.
So, yeah, I get it.  Being a kid is, like, hard.


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