An Apology...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 Will.

Will and I both have rotten colds right now.  My constant-feeling-like-I-need-to-sneeze nose is driving my batty and has worn down my nerves a bit.  Unfortunately, Will has a stuffed-so-thinking-listening-and-coordination-is-compromised head which does not mesh well with my situation.  This has led to:
  • more whining
  • more crying
  • pouting.  Lots of it.
  • stomping
  • spilled milk
  • my computer keyboard plummeting to the floor
  • This black eye (also courtesy of being in a bounce house with several boys)
  • Struggles with homework
  • And the answer to today's Myth Buster:  What will happen to a travel pack of tissues that "travels" into the washing machine?  Contrary to my theory that it would explode, it actually formed the world's largest spitball.  No complaints here.  At least it was easy cleanup.
So, bud, here's to both of us feeling a bit better and getting back on track! 


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