How NOT to Win Mom Over

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
1) When trying to convince Mom that you've eaten enough breakfast, don't show her your tummy and say, "See?  It's big.  It's as big as yours," like Cole did this morning.  No brownie points.

2) Don't come off the bus blurting, "Mom, that fruit you gave me for lunch was totally rotten," like Will did today.  (It was red pear slices and they were *slightly* browned).

3)  Don't talk all. the. way. to the hair salon and then turn on the mute button when the stylist asks you to remind her if you're Will or Cole (like Cole did).  Or I will tell her to call you Frank.  Which she did.

4)  Don't tell Mom she "should" do anything.

5)  Don't stand inches away from the TV as if you're actually following the "turn off the TV" order only to watch another 10 minutes of it (like Paige did).  Being within an arm's reach of the power button doesn't count.  The TV IS STILL ON!

6)  Don't admit to mom that when you don't feel like cleaning your room, you just put the small things on your bedside table, Will.  Because now I know.


Anonymous said...

I. Love. This. :) Totally made me laugh!

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