An Artistic Comparison

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Each day when Will leaves for school, Cole and I play a while, then I usually work on some skill with him (disguised as more playing).  I think this has really improved his drawing skills.  Here is his "guy" he drew today.  It instantly reminded me of Will's "guys" from a similar age...
Note the detail - ears, hair, and pupils.  Usually he draws a dot in the forehead and says that's the brain.

Gotta love lliw
See?  Both are similar with the legs sprouting directly from the head.  We're working on letters now.  He pretty much has a "C" and "o," but is more interested in learning letters that spell Paige and Will's names! :)


Jamie said...

That is really good! What an improvement since he didn't show a real passion for drawing like Will did at first.
I didn't post about the spoon pictures - but I wouldn't ask him to set the dinner table until he learns how to load the dishwasher!

Renay said...

Wow am I a huge slacker or what?! Brady doesn't get any of this instructional time with mom. I'm just proud when he tells me his letters...there ain't no writing them yet!! and also, either your children are artistic prodigies or you're a fantastic art teacher because my 3-year old specilizes in scribbles!

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